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Air Quality Services in Kelowna

air quality experts in kelowna

Offering hospital-grade filtration, Lennox Pure Air System is one of the only products on the market who removes over 99% of the virus that causes COVID-19 from the air, as well other smaller viruses, bacteria, and spores. 

Also, unlike other purification systems, the Pure Air produces zero lung-irritating ozone and actively removes existing ozone found in the home. Learn more here

We are passionate about providing our customers with the best indoor air quality solutions possible. Our air filtration systems, purifiers, whole home humidifiers, heat and energy ventilators ensure that your home is clean, fresh and comfortable.


With the increasing concern about indoor air pollution, having a reputable heating and air conditioning company that is dedicated to your health and comfort is of utmost importance.


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Air Purification

We believe that your comfort extends beyond just temperature control, and that's why Zoltera Mechanical is proud to offer the Lennox PureAir air purification system. This advanced system removes indoor air pollutants and provides advanced filtration, reducing airborne contaminants, offensive odors and chemical vapors, and even destroys germs and bacteria. Our team of experts can provide you with installation, maintenance, and repair services for your purification system, letting you enjoy clean and fresh air in your home or business all year round.

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Humidity Control

healthy climate humidifier residential and new home kelowna

At Zoltera Mechanical, we are committed to providing the highest quality heating and air conditioning services to our customers. Our experienced and knowledgeable technicians work hard to make sure all of your heating and cooling needs are taken care of. We offer a range of products, including the Healthy Climate® humidifier, which keeps the air in your home from becoming dry during winter months, preventing respiratory problems and chapped skin. This humidifier is designed to work with Lennox® equipment to ensure your home stays at the ideal level of humidity.

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