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Heating Services in Kelowna

heating service kelowna

Having efficient and dependable furnaces or heating systems is a crucial aspect of any home – especially on those long winter nights in Kelowna! Although we can’t control the weather, Zoltera’s heating system installation & repair services can assure you that we have everything you need to keep your family comfortable, regardless of the season.

With freezing temperatures and snow-covered ground during the winter, Kelowna is not a place to compromise on a mediocre heating system. 

At Zoltera Mechanical, we offer a variety of heating products to customize your heating system according to your needs. We offer a complete line of Lennox furnaces that combine comfort, reliability, and energy efficiency.


Competitive, fair pricing and quotes

Installed right the first time

Kelowna Lennox Dealer

Furnaces, Heat Pumps, Roof Top Units, Fireplaces and more!

Gas or Electric Furnace Repairs and Replacements

Keeping your heating system well-maintained is crucial to ensure it runs efficiently during the winter months. If you detect any problems with your Furnace, don’t hesitate to contact Zoltera, we have fully certified and Red Seal Gas Technicians available right away! Consider annual servicing to ensure you are detecting any issues early, which can prevent your heating system from completely malfunctioning and causing greater problems in the future.

Signs You Might Need to Repair:

High heating bills: If you notice higher than normal heating bills, it could mean that your heating system is less efficient due to a problem. This means you're probably running your heat constantly just to get your home to a comfortable temperature.

furnace install kelowna

Strange noises: If your furnace is making unusual noises such as whistles, bangs, clanks, or moans, it's best to call in a technician to inspect it. These noises are usually not normal and can indicate a problem, although they can sometimes be a sign of old age.

Uneven heating: If some rooms in your home are being heated unevenly, with one room never able to get warm, there may be a blockage that requires repair. Insufficient heat: If you're not receiving as much heat from your system as you used to, it's likely that something is wrong or the system needs to be replaced.

Why Choose Ductless?

Delivers energy-efficient comfort, and may make you eligible for money-saving rebates

Budget Friendly, suitable for renovations, businesses or small commercial spaces

Ductless or Mini Split Systems

ductless mini split kelowna

Provides smooth & quiet operation

Heat Pumps - A Greener Option

heat pump install kelowna quote

Unlike traditional central air conditioning systems, ductless units do not require extensive ductwork, making them ideal for both new constructions and retrofitting existing spaces. Additionally, ductless air conditioning provides individualized temperature control, allowing users to adjust settings in specific rooms or zones, promoting energy efficiency and personalized comfort. With their compact design, quiet operation, and improved energy efficiency, ductless air conditioning systems have become a popular choice for homeowners and businesses seeking efficient and customizable cooling solutions.

Experience the benefits of ductless air conditioning in Kelowna with Zoltera Mechanical. Our reliable ductless mini-split air conditioning systems, combined with our expert installation services, will transform your indoor comfort. Contact us today to schedule a consultation.

Why You Should Buy:

Heat Pumps have a robust design systems and very few moving parts meaning that they require little yearly maintenace. Like your refrigerator, heat pumps use electricty to transfer heat from a cool space to a warm space, making the cool spaces cooler, and the warm spaces warmer.

Contact Zoltera for a quote on this top-of-the-line eco friendly cooling option. If you’re looking for an option on a replacement or new home construction, electric Heat Pumps are the future of HVAC! 

Easy installs if upgraded from an existing Furnace or Traditional AC

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