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Gas Fitting

We recognize that each client has distinct needs at Zoltera Mechanical. That's why we provide personalized services to meet your specific requirements. If there is a gas leak, you can rely on us to respond quickly. Our technicians will be dispatched to your location promptly to ensure your safety.

natural gas fitting installations kelowna

Natural Gas Installations

Need gas installations for your home or new construction? Our Red Seal Gas technicians offer upfront pricing and quality work. Contact us today.

gas gauges for natural gas repairs

Natural Gas Repairs

Zoltera offers licensed and certified gas fitting services at competitive rates. Say goodbye to your current gas lines and hello to reliable and efficient services.

gas leak emergency in kelowna technician

Natural Gas Emergency Services

If you smell rotten eggs or hear a hissing noise coming from your unit, it's important act fast. These are signs of a gas leak, which can be dangerous left unaddressed. Our team is here to help with emergency repairs. Contact us immediately for assistance.

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Gas Appliances

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