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Signs You Need An Emergency Furnace Repair

furnace repair in kelowna for emergency no heat

With this cold snap upon us here in the Okanagan, it is crucial you as a homeowner are aware of the risks and common repairs needed on a furnace in the time of a breakdown. Zoltera Mechanical has an emergency on-call technician ready to answer your phone call in case of a no heat situation. We take priority during these cold winter months for our no heat service calls and do not stop until we diagnosis your unit with repair costs and installation.

Trust Zoltera to get the job done right, the first time! Below are some warning signs your equipment is needing an emergency repair.

Tip #1 - Thermostat not Communicating

This one might seem obvious, but majority of repairs for most emergency furnace repairs start and end with a thermostat error. Refer to your manual for details on how to monitor your current settings displayed on your thermostat. If your thermostat is still not communicating with your furnace attempt to switch your thermostat into "Auto" mode and observe if the furnace fan is still spinning. If it is, a more difficult problem may be present.

Tip #2 - Yellow Flame in Furnace

A yellow flame in your furnace may be a critical problem. In a normal furnace, the flame should be blue and sharp. Dirt in the burner panel may be causing the flame to turn yellow, do not attempt to fix this. Dirt in the burner is quite common in older furnaces, it prevents the gas and air to mix effectively. Call an expert at Zoltera to clean your burner.

yellow flame found in furnace no heat

Blue Flame = Good. Yellow Flame = Bad

Tip #3 - Fan Consistently Spinning

It sure can be annoying to have that fan spinning! Not to mention, the increase on your utility bill! As we previously mentioned, if your furnace fan is consistently spinning after you have diagnosed your thermostat - it could be the result of a defective fan limit switch or one that is set to manual override. If you suspect an issue, call us at Zoltera and we can get a technician out to you to fix the constant noise and rotation.

Tip #4 - Carbon Monoxide Detector

Your carbon monoxide detector is there to help you, it is so important you do not ignore it going off. This could mean a potential gas leak coming from your furnace, or the ventilation system. This is considered a high risk service, please call a certified technician at Zoltera to get this fixed immediately!

Tip #5 - No Heat Coming from Interior Vents

Finally, a tip that on a cold day, it would be hard not to notice. If you find your interior vents or baseboard grilles do not have heat coming out of them - clearly the furnace has stopped working and you have no heat. These are not issues that can be fixed themselves, usually - a burnt pilot light or broken control board might be stopping the furnace from activating. Zoltera is here to help you, call us for the on-call technician to remedy your no heat situation.

no heat coming from vents in house kelowna furnace

Keep On Top Of Maintenance Before an Emergency

Unfortunately, these repairs seem to happen during the coldest nights of the year. To ensure this does not happen to you - consider our Annual Service Agreement. With this, you not only get priority service, but you ensure your equipment is up to par for the season ahead and you maintain all warranties.

Stay warm out there!

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