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Prepare your Furnace and Heating Equipment for Winter

winter maintenance on home hvac equipment kelowna tips

Zoltera is interested in keeping your home warm this season. Before the snow hits the ground, we recommend getting your Furnaces, Fireplaces, or any other heating equipment serviced now before your system can't keep up!

By keeping up with preventative maintenance, your equipment stays running within manufacture specs, and ensures your warranty is still valid.

Winter Furnace Maintenance Kelowna

Tip #1 - Turn on your Furnace prior to Winter negative tempatures

It it smart to fire up your Furnace at least three times prior to the negative tempatures hit, this gives peace of mind that your equipment is working well for those cold days. Zoltera understands how frustating it can be when the unit just stops working on a cold December night.

Be ahead of the curve, get your system up and running before it quits! If you are hesitant starting it up on your own, Zoltera Mechanical would happily come out and get it running.

Tip #2 - Change Filters

One of the major causes for Furnace breakdowns is dust and debris build up. Check your Furnace filters every month to make sure they are free from any contaminants. Keeping backup filters is always a smart move.

Zoltera provides multiple filter options if you are looking to step up your efficiency on your unit.

"Over 82% of homeowners fail to change their air filters" – The Zebra

lennox thermostat kelowna install furnace service

Tip #3 - Use a Programmable Thermostat

Installing a Lennox Thermostat gives you the satisifaction of keeping your home consistently comfortable for when you get back from work or if you are out for the day. You can program your thermostat to come on in the morning 30 minutes before you wake up so your home is nice and toasty for your first cup of coffee!

prepare for winter hvac system kelowna

Tip #4 - Preventative Maintenance

Zoltera offers annual servicing for all homeowners that want to stay on top of any future repairs. We recommend calling an HVAC specialist to service your blower motor, heat exchanger, flame sensor and the igniter switch to ensure you are not running into any troubles for the season ahead.

Get Help With Your Heating Equipment

By following some of this quick tips, you will be ready in no time to tackle this winter season fast approaching. Call us at Zoltera to walk you through it, or hire a professional to do it for you!

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