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Mini Split Cleaning: It's Needed!

Everything you need to know on cleaning your mini split, heating and cooling equipment. Keep your unit working effectively with these steps below!

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Like any home appliance, your mini-split air conditioner needs maintenance. You may forget at times how important this may be, but this is a very crucial thing for your household to keep running at tip-top shape!

We've put together a simple guideline on steps to complete your at-home service, or better yet, call us to service!


Why Is Mini-Split Cleaning So Important?

Preventative measures ensure you deter any smells, odors or mold growing in your home.

Recently, Zoltera serviced a three year old ductless split unit, and found mold build up, which was getting the household sick with their little 1 year old baby! Don't let this happen to you!

How & When Do You Clean A Mini-Split?

If you use your mini-split frequently as an air conditioner only, we recommend servicing the equipment once every year. If you run heat/cool through your system, we recommend once in the fall and once in the spring time.

Make sure your equipment is turned off when you are ready to clean. At times, you may need to replace parts as they do get worn out. The two most common parts are the air filters, and coils. These are integral pieces for the function of the system.

Be sure to tighten and screw all loose pieces, when you are cleaning the system be sure to keep an eye out for any bolts falling.

The big question: what do you use to clean your unit? We recommend HVAC coil cleaners, or household products such as, water, vinegar, and little-to-no bleach.

Are You Confident To Service?

Zoltera Mechanical would happily do this on your behalf. We recommend a certified technician to accomplish this task, as leaking refrigerant is possible if not done correctly.

Give us a shout, and ask us about your ductless split cleaning. We offer quotes on new equipment, upgrades, servicing and diagnosing on all heating/cooling appliances.

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